Are You One of Us?

So you're interested in becoming a Shadow...

Conscious Spectre is a small, close group of experienced players. We aren't necessarily looking for those who have played DreamsMUD forever, but we appreciate those who are experienced at playing muds or other types of similar experiences. We are also very open to helping out non-experienced players who are willing to learn to help themselves. We are non a babysitting service, we will not play the game for you.. but we would love to teach you how to become a respected, knowledgable and distinguished player!

If you would like to become part of an exclusive group of exceptionally adept players, please make sure that you meet the MINIMUM requirements below:

Our very most important requirement is that you can respect and follow the rules of both DreamsMUD and our clan. Please see the bottom of this section for information on our behavioral policies.

Our second requirement is that you have reached level 150. Interest in the clan can be expressed at any time, but no interview will be granted to a player lower than level 150 without special permission from the clan leaders.

Our third requirement is that you are interested in being an active and productive member of the clan.

If this sounds easy enough to you, then keep reading!

Conscious Spectre is a family, and as such does not engage in any aggressive recruitment to find new members. We are looking for players who fit in well with the group and will feel at home on our clan channel, and not just people interested in some cool clan equipment.

If you have been contacted by a member of Conscious Spectre as a prospective Shadow, please read through all of the information on our website. Ask any question of the member who contacted you, and feel free to get to know our other members as well. We appreciate members who want to become close with our tight-knit group. When you feel that you are ready to apply, please contact Wotan for details on getting an interview. You will need to write a note on board 9 addressed to CS(just CS, nothing more) telling us a little about yourself and expressing interest in the clan. Your application will be reviewed in the next few days and we will get back to you within one week to schedule an interview. Please be patient! All applicants must be reviewed prior to being granted an interview to make sure the clan is comfortable with you.

Don't be detered or disappointed if you have not been contacted yet. Sometimes we get busy or do not notice a potential Shadow in hiding. Feel free to speak to clan members for information about being in the clan. Get to know us, we like to feel close to those who join our family. Make sure you have read all of the information on this website and ask any questions you may have about our clan before you make the decision to apply.

Finally - we are only interested in accepting clan members who are going to represent our clan respectfully. If you have trouble following any of the rules of DreamsMUD, if you cannot get along with the members of the staff or other players, or if you just have a bad attitude in general, please do not bother to contact us. We love to accept new members, but we also know first hand that bad behavior by just one member reflects badly upon every member of our family.

If you have any questions about behavioral issues, please make sure that you fully understand our strong stance on this issue before you apply.