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If you are a new clannie, please send a note on board 6 to either Daerena or Korin containing a password in order to obtain a log-in for the website.

Listen to the Tale of the Shadows...

Long ago, an evil necromancer created the Shadows using powerful black magicks now lost to this world. These dark servants increased his wealth and power tremendously, stealing rare treasures and magical artifacts for him and murdering those who would oppose him. Through the centuries they served their master loyally, obeying his every command.

Over time, the Shadows grew in strength and knowledge themselves and began to resent his iron-fisted rule. They began to believe their skills could be put to better use than his selfish desires, and secretly planned to free themselves from their master's grip. Finally it was decided that they would overwhelm him with their numbers. The brothers and sisters gathered together and launched an all-out attack against their former lord.

The ancient sorcerer did not expect to be turned upon by his own creations, but his surprise quickly turned to rage. His slaves had grown so strong that they were beyond even his ability to outright destroy or control.. but he was hardly defenseless. His barbarous curses banished Shadow after Shadow to distant parts of the realm, imprisoning them in primitive bodies and erasing their memories of the past. At last the evil one fell, but only two Shadows remained.

Soon after the battle the pair began to search for their lost family. As they traveled, a strange feeling welled up inside of them. They realized that one of their former family members was nearby. They found and released the imprisoned Shadow quickly, and his memory returned to him immediately. He joined the two on their quest to free the other brothers and sisters.

The few Shadows left now spend their days roaming the land, searching for the other Shadows through any means they have, though never in the cruel ways of their former master. However, they are not afraid to call upon their skills to aid their search, or to protect themselves if the need arises.