Clan Rules

1) Above and beyond any other rules, you must follow all DreamsMUD rules!
Your behavior on the mud reflects on the entire clan and every member in it. If you are not interested and capable of representing CS positively, you are not welcome here. No abusive behavior or harassment of any kind will be tolerated!

2) PLAY NICE. This is reiterated for emphasis. If you can't play nice, log off. This is a rule of DreamsMUD, so don't expect that demotion and unenrollment are the worst that will happen to you if you break this one. On a more personal level, use common sense when dealing with people and public areas. This means don't leave junk lying around in the clanhall(we have a pit, that's what it's there for), leave the room if you need to sort a smurfset or do anything spammy, don't attack mobs in rooms where other players are fighting, etc.
Give respect, get respect.

3) Keep up on board 9. We post a lot of important information there, some of which requires your input/cooperation. This and any other clan-specific information is private and not to be shared with anyone outside the clan.

4) No aggressive recruiting. Helping new players is fine, but pushing this clan on anyone who doesn't genuinely want to be in it will leave us with a clan full of dissatisfied players.

5) Important clan issues are frequently decided by vote. Re-votes will be held between top choices in votes with more than two options to insure that the decision is a clear majority rather than just a plurality. Votes will be tallied by Wotan. You aren't required to vote, but you will need to deal with whatever decision is made even if it was not your first choice. Clanleaders will mediate all disputes, and may intervene in the voting process if they feel it is necessary.

6) Be helpful, but try not to over-help(e.g. grouping to kill tough smurfs for small clannies vs. collecting entire sets and handing them out to everyone). Over-helping can start to discourage people from being active players.

7) All clannies online are expected to participate in an interview. This means you must be in the Batcave and at your keyboard. Disable all spellup triggers and anything else likely to cause unnecessary spam during the interview. If you can't do this, please log off until the interview is over.

8) If you are going to be absent or inactive for an extended time, please notify a clanleader. Inactive members who haven't spoken to a clanleader beforehand may be demoted.

9) If you have a question, problem or concern, please see a clanleader immediately! Nothing gets addressed if the leaders don't know about it.

General Clan Info:

You may have your own room in Clan Hall at Rank 2. Please contact a leader for more details on this.

You may also buy Clan Race at Rank 3. You must pay 60 Quest Tokens for Clan Race.

Being a good clannie: This generally means being online and participating in things such as quests, following all DreamsMUD and clan rules. Assisting with clan projects (ie running clan quests, helping out with the eq database or anything else that needs doing). Following these guidelines is a very good start to getting a promotion.

Promotions: Leaders and co-leaders consider a lot factors when deciding on a promotion and ,while following the guidlines above gives you a good opportunity, it does not guarantee that you will be promoted.

Clan Race Shadow

The Shadows are a very stealthy race. They are of average height, but are extremely dexterous. These creatures have been around the realm for many a century, and have an excellent knowledge of the lands as well as of the creatures that inhabit them. Able to both enter and exit a room quietly, the Shadows are much like thieves. Inherited abilities include such things as a type of blinding substance which affects all living things in the room. Reflecting their thiefly ways, Shadows possess the ability to severely damage any creature before combat has begun. The Shadows are not an aggressive race, but will defend themselves fiercely if the need arises.

  • STR -1 INT -1 WIS +1 DEX +2 CON -1 (night)
  • STR -3 INT -1 WIS +1 DEX +2 CON -3 (day)
  • Shadowform
  • Hecatomb: assassin type attack
  • Smokebomb: short duration area blind attack
    Negative aspects
  • Strength and constitution drop to -3 during the day.
  • Movement charges are tripled during the day.

Clan Gear

  • Boots of Stealth
    • Worn on feet
    • Object 'boots stealth cs' is type armor, extra flags no-destroy.
    • Weight is 3, value is 12500, level is 50.
    • Armor class is 14.
    • Affects damage roll by 60.
  • Broken Shackles of Twilight
    • Worn on wrist
    • Object 'broken shackles twilight' is type armor, extra flags no-destroy.
    • Weight is 1, value is 41, level is 50.
    • Armor class is 13.
    • Affects intelligence by 2.
    • Affects wisdom by 2.
    • Affects damage roll by 52.

Quest Rules

  • Any clannie can run a quest provided either Raza, Unborg, or Wotan have approved the quest and it's details.
  • All clannies regardless of rank may participate in any clan quest
  • Unless specifically mentioned only a clannies main character may participate in a clan quest.
  • Although optional, we ask that you try to make a small donation when participating in clan quests.
  • All entrance donations go to the Clan Quest Fund.
  • Entrance donations for quests can consist of bbts, premiums, rare equipment or scrolls or any other item of value.
  • Provided the rules have all been approved by a member of the leadership, all rules for clan quests or changes of those rules are at the discretion the clannie running it.
  • Also, remember clannies run these quests out of the goodness (or boredness) of their hearts, if you see a problem with a quest check the details with the clannie running it, they know their quest better than anybody else, trust their judgment. If a problem arises that warrants greater concern please see a clan leader.